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Cable Tidy Clips 10 Mixed Multi Pack, Cable Management System, Desktop Cord Holder & Hider, Charging Cable Drop Organiser for TV PC Laptop Home Office – White

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Taille:Cable Tidy Clips 10 Pack  |  Couleur:White

Perhaps you are the kind of person who desires perfection. Perhaps you long for an object that seamlessly integrates into your workspace; with a kind of minimalistic design that conveniently and discretely organises your Work and Home space.

Perhaps you are also the kind of person who desires performance, which means you strive for durable, long-lasting build quality.

Then this - is the Desire2 Tidy My Space Cable Tidy Mixed 10 Multi-pack.

With durable, long lasting one slot, two slot, three slot and four slot designs that support a wide variety of device cables and include easy to remove 3M adhesive backing to prevent any damage to your desktop, the Desire2 Tidy My Space Cable Tidy Mixed 10 Multi-pack could be your ultimate object of desire.
What is included
4 x One cable slot
2 x two slots
2 x three slots
2 x Four slots
The ultimate mixed pack providing the flexibility to manage all of your cable, cord and wire mess

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  • Perfection: Organized and convenient management of your cables and cords.
  • Performance: Durable, Long Lasting Compact Design - Small base takes up minimal desk space, can be used anywhere you want to tidy up cabling, each cord slots could hold several regular sized USB cables across a wide variety of device cables.
  • Mixed 10 Multi-pack: 4 x one slot, 2 x two slot, 2 x three slot and 2 x four slot cable tidies included.
  • Protection: Easy to remove 3M adhesive without any damage to your desktop.
  • Multi Thickness Cord Holder - Holds Thick or Thin cables such as earphones wires, power cords, charging cables, USB Cords, audio cables.